"Gladys Friday" ~ Healthcare Comedienne

"Gladys Friday" ~ Healthcare Comedienne
"Medical Monroe Pose Fighting Hot Flashes"

Monday, March 24, 2014

Lights, Camera, Action!

I recently visited another physician's practice and was quickly reminded of "Ima Gossip"  That girl gets around!  Even patients with hearing loss seem to hear her LOUD & CLEAR!  Here's a reminder of just how our actions and words appear to others.  ENJOY:  http://youtu.be/h_28tU5ZRfY

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Friday, December 20, 2013

Jus sayin' watch what you say

Make sure you make your wishes known.....but make sure that your message is CLEAR!  Timing is everything ~ 'jus sayin' 

"Gladys" husband:  "I want to be cremated" 

"Gladys":  "OK, just empty your pockets and let's get in the car" 

"Gladys" husband:  "Well, I wasn't meaning TODAY!" 

"Gladys":  "You're right.....we need to make a dental appointment first to remove all that gold!"  

"Jus sayin"  I'm "Gladys Friday" today....aren't you?  

Spring is in the air and conference / event planners are making a list and checking it twice.  They wanna make sure that Denise AND "Gladys" are on their list.  Thank you for the invitations already received!  

Also, Undercover Patient Assessments are being booked.  I love hearing from professionals that they want each patient experience to be the best it can be.  It's great to be part of making something better.  

Denise Price Thomas, Motivational Speaker, Author, Trainer & Consultant
aka "Gladys Friday" Healthcare Comedienne

Friday, October 18, 2013

"Topless Cruise in Belmont" ~ taking our tops down for cancer patients

It's a great day to be "Gladys Friday" because we are ALL glad it's Friday today.  

She's really LOST HER TOP this time!    My boss, Denise Price Thomas had a dream and she isn't just putting legs to her dream, she's putting WHEELS on her dream.    For Breast Cancer Awareness, she dreamed that she and her friends drove TOPLESS through downtown Belmont, NC (her home).  Drove topless convertibles, that is.   So, with that the "Topless Cruise in Belmont" was born.  The event will take place November 2, 2013 at 2 pm.   

Save the date ~ Save the tatas!  

ALL proceeds will go to Cancer Services of Gaston County to assist patients in need.  Locals Helping Locals to help provide the proper nutrition, medications, dressings, equipment and more.  

Seeing the positive actions through "Gladys" eyes or "Denise's" eyes.....is truly a heartwarming experience.  It's all about "Neighbors in deed helping neighbors in need"  

Please stop by for a peek.....Facebook page:  Topless Cruise in Belmont
You are welcome to LIKE & SHARE and let others know you care.  

Happy weekend!  

Denise Price Thomas 
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Facebook:  Topless Cruise in Belmont
aka ~ Gladys Friday

Friday, September 27, 2013

New hire physical

Hello friends ~ 

I am excited to report that it has been a very busy summer!   "Gladys" has thought of you all very often...she just hasn't had a chance to sit down and blog a spell.  

She wanted to share another true story about a very dear friend who was going to work for a new company.  He was very excited and a bit nervous too.  The physician was completing his new hire physical and turned around to look over the chart.  "Let's see" the doctor said, "it looks as though we have checked everything.....oh, I need to check your adenoids"   When the doctor turned back around, facing the patient, he was startled when he found himself facing pants on the ground and a bare behind.  Yep, you guessed it!  My friend thought the doctor said, "......oh, I need to check for hemorrhoids!"  

I see you're smiling now ~ keep it up and enjoy your weekend!  

September was exceptionally productive for Denise Price Thomas & "Gladys Friday" including:

  • Writing an article for MedMonthly Magazine, a very resourceful national healthcare publication:  http://www.medmonthly.com

  • "Gladys Friday" was the opening act for NORM Conference in California ~ (National Organization for Rheumatology Managers and Physicians)   She kicked it off with her Southern Style & Charm, she was a BIG HIT!  

  • Denise provided a break-out program for the NORM Conference   

  • Customized a program for a large group of healthcare professionals for their lakeside retreat

  • Radio interview by Rebecca Morehead, Practice Management Solutions

  • Ongoing Undercover Patient Assessments 

  • Customer Service Training Sessions

  • Shared my personal story with MOM's "Mothers on a Mission" 

These were very rewarding days of September.   Email me to let me know any topics you may like for me to address......I'd love to hear from you.  

To contact or schedule Denise / "Gladys" you may email her @ denisepricethomas@gmail.com or call 704-747-8699


Friday, July 12, 2013

Wet to Dry Dressing

The Friday Funny from "Gladys Friday" 

We all know about that wonderful wet to dry dressing.....now if we could only get around to that wet to dry weather!    

It has rained so long that I have forgotten what it's like to "wet my plants" :)  

One thing about this summer so far.....it's only rained once.  It just hasn't stopped!  The good news.....we have no drought....YAY!

Speaking of wet to dry.....my friend had two little boys.  One was napping in his crib and the 2 year old was ready to play.  He climbed up into the crib and got the sleeping baby out.  When my friend (the Mommy) realized the baby was missing from his crib, she of course turned to the 2 year old, frantically asking the question:  "Where is the baby!?!"  The toddler said, "in the dryer Mommy, the baby was WET!"  FORTUNATELY the toddler could not reach the controls (whew!)

"Gladys Friday" (glad it's Friday) 

aka Denise Price Thomas


Programs for the busy week ahead for Denise (Gladys has the week off...the ole bag is in her closet)  

  • iChoose ~ (as in a sneeze) customized program on contagious attitude and change

  • Customer Service

  • Communication

  • Team Building 

  • Undercover Patient Appointments 

  • Patient Shadowing 

Friday, July 5, 2013

New Chaperone

I have been a chaperone many times in my life....standing in more times than I can remember while a patient was being examined, chaperoning youth events, chaperoning my kids beach trips, field trips, movies and much more.  My granddaughter was planning to get together with some of her friends and I was honored when she said, "Nana, will you Strapalong?"  (insert my puzzled / twisted face here) and I asked what I would need to be doing as a "Strapalong"  and she explained, "Nothing really, just be there to watch over us and help us out if we need you."  I had this vision of me being strapped to her....which is not a bad idea for those sweet little teen years.  Of course I was honored to be a "Strapalong" ~ anything, anytime for those grands!  

Enjoy your weekend!   
I'm "Gladys Friday" (glad it's Friday) aka Denise Price Thomas

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NORM, National Organization of Rheumatology Managers
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Article for http://www.medmonthly.com 
"Undercover Patient:  Checking Your Practice Vital Signs"